Who are Spotlight Studio?

Spotlight Studio are focused on getting new models into the industry. We offer advice on the whole process from contacting agencies, to tips on how to construct and strengthen your portfolio. Being successful is far more about just ‘working a runway.’

We offer advice for all models, whatever your size, shape or style. We appreciate how difficult it is to get ‘that break’ and are set on giving you the best possible chance. Whether you’re looking to join an agency or perhaps work freelance, be sure to trust our expert advice.

Submitting your best photos, showing your varying ability and adopting a professional attitude are just some of the ways we believe will propel your career.

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Why Use Our Services


We understand that it can be very daunting and confusing to know where and how to get started in modelling, but do not worry we are here to help. We have been advising aspiring models for over 15 years and continue to do so for those we believe show model potential until they are signed to an agency.

We are here to demystify the routes into the industry and to help get you to a position where you can confidently apply to professional agencies or freelance castings without the risk of being scammed or wasting your time. The Spotlight Studio can advise you on your model potential, the types of modelling you are suited to and, if modelling is something you are serious about, help you to create and build your personal, professional model portfolio.

We have over 15 years experience of working with new faces.

We can offer serious aspiring models a professional photo shoot.

We can help you build a professional portfolio – budgets to suit.

Our after care team will advise you until you are signed to an agency.

All the tools you need to succeed in the industry.

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How much does an agency tend to take?

On average, you should expect to give atleast 20% of your earnings to the agency. This of course, will vary depending on the agency. It’s always advisable to check your contracts carefully to see if deductions are made before or after expenses as this can make a big difference. 

What is a modelling agency?

They match models to certain clients based on the criteria they are looking for. They have a database of models already and have extensive relationships with a wide variety of people within the industry and are often seen as a ‘fastrack’ way in. 

What are the benefits of working with an agency?

They will personally look after every aspect of your work and will actively seek opportunities for you. They’ll let you know about upcoming castings and do their best to put you forwards for campaigns which are suitable. 

What is the downside?

The bottom line is that they take a big cut of your earnings! They also deduct expenses and often models are given very little of what they’ve worked for. In some cases, models are required to sign comprehensive contracts which prevents them from seeking work through other channels. It also ensures they are tied in for a fixed period of time. 

Do most models sign with an agency to begin with?

Not necessarily. It is possible to work freelance or sign non-exclusive contracts with multiple agencies. You can also get your own website and self-promote. 

How do I decide which agency to approach?

This will depend on the type of modelling work you are looking for. Do your research and opt for the one that is most fitting. For example, if you’re a plus-size model, there are certain ones which are reputable for this specifically. 

How do I avoid agency pitfalls?

There should be some alarm bells ringing if a modelling agency doesn’t have a fixed address and suggests meeting at a hotel! You can almost guarantee these are not certified. Any asking for ‘admin’ fees or are pushy about certain shoots or campaigns are also ones you should be avoiding. 

What happens if an agency turns me down?

Keep trying! Each agency has different ideas about what it is they’re looking for and which models they see potential in. Don’t give up and explore every opportunity. Get registered with as many directories as possible and make sure your portfolio is as strong as it can be. 


What our clients have said....

Thanks to ‘everyone’ at Spotlight Studio for a fantastic day at your most buzzing of studios.
I met some lovely people there and was impressed so much with the photographer who took my images….we hit it off with a relaxed and fun-filled empathy, money alone cannot buy.
I was looked after and kept on track by your wonderful team of staff who work long hours and excel in their client skills.
Make-up was awesome and the energy generated by just ‘being there’ brought out the very best of energies in me.
So excited to have been chosen and I’ll never forget that Sunday, however long I live.
Hope to see y’all very soon
Luv, Hanna
Hanna-Louise Waite -
Spotlight Studio is amazing. Lovely and friendly people. The photographer was friendly amazing and calm.
Make up… They nailed it. PROFESSIONALS! The consultant was funny and friendly. I will recommend everyone to this studio ????
Anita Adams -
“I had a fantastic time at Spotlight Studio in Stratford, everything I expected was great and more than I expected. The team was really professional and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I’ve started showing my photos to agencies and the feedback has been really positive, so fingers crossed some good news soon. Thank you!” – Kara
Kara - Lancs
An amazing opportunity for people of any age to enjoy at an affordable price. The staff at Spotlight Studio supported you throughout the whole day and really helps you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I could not ask for a more enjoyable day, The Lights of London is definitely a place to go if you want to kick start your modelling career.
Richard - Reading
“I sat down with Spotlight Studio team and was shown the photographs from the earlier shoot. I was so impressed and proud of the high quality and standard of the images that I will be able to use for my portfolio. I began to feel that one step closer to living my dream as a professional model – it was overwhelming” Fiona S
Fiona S - Hull
What an experience, very member of the staff was friendly and helpful. I travelled down from Scotland and it was 100% worth it, great images, fantastic hairstyles. The best bit was the location pictures LOVE THEM!!!!!!! Thanks Guys xxx Lou
Louise Brown -
Had a really enjoyable experience at Spotlight Studio, the looks they gave me were amazing, the photographer Adi was very professional, had a wonderful time.
Ricardo Hale -
1st class experience. Was made welcome, had fun, excellent images what more could you ask for on the day. 3 weeks on got a job and some great advice from Spotlight Studio, one HAPPY Guy
Lewis Sharpe -

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